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We are a multi-disciplinary collective of architects, designers, consultants and experts dedicated to sustainable development.


Each of our projects begins with a detailed analysis of client requirements and site conditions. We then use drawings, 3D images and physical models to test possible designs and to discuss those options with our clients.

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Planning Permission

We have a fantastic track record in securing planning permission, especially in difficult contexts. Our team thrives in challenging scenarios, finding tailored solutions that not only secure planning permission but also pave the way for transformative and sustainable projects.

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Sustainable design is a primary concern for OARAD. Our combined knowledge and experience in this area means that we can advise clients about the wide range of options available, and has led us to produce numerous high performance buildings.

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Passive House Design

We believe in pursuing the latest developments in technology to make the most sustainable buildings possible. In this respect we believe that the “Passivhaus” standard is the best and most economically advantageous level of energy efficiency to aim for.

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passive house photovoltaic slate roof

Build Costing

A building is probably the biggest investment that most people will ever make, therefore it is important to understand the costs involved. We understand how buildings are put together, which elements are expensive and how the construction industry works which has allowed our clients to get contemporary, sustainable buildings at very good value.

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Interior Design

At OARAD, we tailor our designs to encapsulate our clients’ vision while embracing innovative, eco-friendly materials and solutions. Our approach involves meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every space we craft not only reflects your style but also promotes a sustainable lifestyle.

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Landscape Design

Our focus is on designing outdoor spaces that seamlessly integrate with their surroundings, From conceptualization to implementation, we blend creativity and environmental consciousness to create vibrant, sustainable landscapes that enrich the built environment.

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Cooperative Housing

There is a the growing network of groups in Ireland interested in finding alternative ways to provide affordable housing. We have direct experience of co-housing as an alternative option, and are involved in ongoing research projects to help plan, arrange and construct developments to positively affect the community.

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Eco house Curved Roof

Daylight assessment and Shadowing

Harnessing the power of natural light is paramount in our design philosophy at OARAD. Through meticulous daylight assessment and shadowing analysis, we optimize spaces to embrace natural illumination, promoting energy efficiency and well-being.

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Building Information Modelling (BIM)

We utilize state-of-the-art technology to create comprehensive digital models that encompass every aspect of your project. From design and planning to execution, BIM facilitates efficient collaboration, accurate simulations, and sustainable decision-making, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to reality.

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3d Rendering

We transform ideas into vivid, lifelike representations, offering a glimpse into the future of your project. Our detailed visualizations not only capture design nuances but also serve as a tool for informed decision-making, allowing you to envisage the final outcome with clarity and confidence.

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Web and Graphic Design

We offer tailored solutions to showcase your building projects. We specialise in creating visually compelling and engaging portfolios that present your architectural plans effectively.

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At OARAD, our mission is to lead sustainable development through innovative design solutions. We blend expertise and creativity to craft environmentally conscious spaces. By prioritizing collaboration and embracing cutting-edge technologies, we aim to inspire a future where design and sustainability converge seamlessly.

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