Cooperative Housing

Housing construction has adhered to traditional spatial layouts for nearly a century, catering to a vision of domestic life that no longer represents the norm. With a widespread housing shortage, affordability concerns, an increase in single-person households, and an ageing population, it’s essential to re-evaluate existing housing models. Modern cooperative housing models offer innovative dwelling experiences, supporting current lifestyles by providing homes with shared facilities and outdoor spaces. These models nurture a sense of community while ensuring ample privacy.

Amidst a shift towards urban migration and global housing crises, the growth of more compact, low-rise developments may provide the answer in rural areas. Departing from traditional single-family homes in countryside settings and suburbs, contemporary housing projects explore new models of communal living in natural surroundings.

Layered living

Cooperative Housing models accommodate diverse demographics and adapt to the changing needs of today’s populations.

We have direct experience of cooperative housing as an alternative option, working on projects in the Eco Village in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary. This Eco Village isn’t solely a low-energy housing development, it’s a testament to creating sustainable communities. Every aspect of the project was collectively decided upon by the community. This approach ensured that the homes and infrastructure were not only environmentally sustainable but were shaped through a collaborative and inclusive process, incorporating the ideas and opinions of all community members.



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