Sustainable design

The World is facing an unprecedented demand on resources which cannot be sustained for much longer. At Oarad we have solutions so that you can take part in creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.

An ever-evolving market filled with new products and systems means that processes and standards are constantly being updated. It’s crucial to keep pace with these advancements, highlighting the importance of engaging a skilled ecological architect/designer who can recommend tailored systems for your specific needs. At Oarad, sustainable design is our top priority, we select the best products that align with our clients’ requirements while minimizing the impact on the environment. Coordinating these systems is our forte, ensuring they complement rather than conflict with one another.

Green Roof

At Oarad, we believe in harnessing the latest developments in technology to create the most sustainable buildings possible.

Our extensive expertise in Passive House construction empowers us to significantly reduce a building’s energy consumption. These houses epitomize green construction, consuming the absolute minimum energy required for operation. “Passivhaus” as defined by the Passivhaus institute in Germany maximises all passive gains and has a detailed and tested assessment of all aspects of the building to ensure the correct balance is achieved. We believe that the “Passivhaus” standard represents the highest level of sustainable design possible. Discover more about passive houses by clicking here.



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