Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Our team of experts use the latest BIM software to transform the vision of our clients into functional 3D models which give comprehensive insights into the physical and functional aspects of the building prior to construction.

BIM models contain all the required data about the building design, materials and systems, ensuring smooth collaboration between design and construction teams, helping to identify and resolve any conflicts that may arise during the construction process.

At Oarad, we provide complete solutions and work closely with our clients to grasp their unique demands and deliver tailored services to meet those requirements. We have in-depth knowledge of BIM standards and have experience working on a range of different residential, commercial and industrial projects.

BIM modelling enables efficient collaboration and coordination between architects, engineers, and contractors, enhancing productivity, resulting in a faster and more accurate construction process.

Our BIM services include the following;

3D modelling; High-quality, detailed 3D models for accurate visualisation that facilitate the entire design and construction process, including photorealistic renderings, walkthroughs, flyovers and 360-degree virtual tours.

4D and 5D; Detailed project scheduling and cost estimation through the integration of time and cost parameters resulting in reduced waste of materials and increased efficiency.

Site plan and modelling; Accurate site plans and models created for spatial planning and design development.

Documentation; Comprehensive documentation that includes all the necessary information required for construction including floor plans and elevations, quantity takeoffs for accurate cost estimation and material schedules and specifications to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget.



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