Landscape Design

We are passionate about unlocking the potential of outdoor spaces and gardens. Our designs are a reflection of our clients’ personalities and the unique attributes of their sites. Using 3D software and artistic sketches we bring your ideas to life, enabling you to envisage and showcase your project before it is constructed.

Our landscape architects specialise in designing innovative landscapes that carefully balance development requirements with sustainable solutions, prioritising the preservation of the natural environment.

At Oarad, we embrace the distinct character and sensitivities of each site, enhancing it’s uniqueness whilst evoking a strong sense of place.

Landscape plans are often a requirement of Planning Permission Applications. As a multi-disciplinary practice, we work together with our in house architects to illustrate the overall plan and the context of the proposed development within the surrounding landscape and environment. Many local councils require a tree survey to accompany your planning application. To provide a comprehensive landscape planning service, we collaborate with fully qualified and highly experienced Arboriculturalists. Our tree survey reports are tailored to meet the needs of the local Planning Department.



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